Webster: “the careless or unjustified use of a comma between coordinate main clauses not connected by a conjunction (as in ‘nobody goes there anymore, it's boring’)”


Throughout his journey, Candide meets several people that are only interested in money, their greed for money causes them to do unspeakable crimes. 


                   “.... only interested in money; their greed ....”

                   “.... only interested in money and their greed ....”

                   “.... only interested in money; moreover, their greed ....”





1. brief EXPLANATION of context in the book

- no need to paraphrase the quotation again: just refer the passage to its context (i.e. what is going on before and after this passage) and to IMPORTANT issues that figure in the book

- this should alert the reader to your reasons for selecting the passage

2. explain the SIGNIFICANCE or importance of the passage in the context of the book

          - what are the big issues raised by this passage? how does this passage elucidate them?

          - how does this passage allow us to better understand the author’s intentions?

3. explain, briefly, the HISTORICAL significance of the passage

          - how/why is this passage relevant to the period we have been discussing in class?

          - how can we connect

4. feel free to add PERSONAL REFLECTION if you have space left: but make  sure personal reflection does not overshadow other aspects of your analysis

5. maintain your passage within the word limit of 150-160 words, NO MORE, NO LESS. In the future, your commentary will lose 1 percent value for every word over or below the limit


          - start with a longer paragraph (300-400 words).

          - make sure you cover the issues you consider most important

          - once you are satisfied with the content of your passage, begin CONDENSING

                   - shorten sentences: Can the same thought be expressed more economically?

                   - eliminate unnecessary and ornamental phrases