Childeric (died 481/2)

481-82         Clovis (c. 466-511)




Gregory of Tours (c.539-594) The History of the Franks



A great many things keep happening, some of them good, some of them bad. The inhabitants of different countries keep quarreling fiercely with each other and kings go on losing their temper in the most furious way. Our churches are attacked by the heretics and then protected by the Catholics; the faith of Christ burns bright in many men, but it remains lukewarm in others; no sooner are the church-buildings endowed by the faithful than they are stripped bare again by those who have no faith. However, no skilled writer has come to the fore who has been sufficiently skilled in setting things down in an orderly fashion to be able to describe those events in prose or in verse. In fact in the towns of Gaul the writing of literature has declined to the point where it has virtually disappeared altogether. Many people have complained about this, not once but time and time again. ‘What a poor period this is!’ they have been heard to say. ‘If among all our people there is not one man to be found who can write a book about what is happening today, the pursuit of letters really is dead in us!’


                                      (Preface to The History of the Franks, trans. Lewis Thorpe)




"Bow down your head, Sigamber; worship what you burned; burn what you worshipped."













St. Eligius














Justinian (527-565)


Procopius of Caesarea (490/507—after Justinian’s death)



                             On Wars (he was an assistant to Belissarius)

                             On Buildings


                             Anecdota or Secret History




          - Vandals: by 534

          - Italy: by 553






                             Nika rebellion 532


Bubonic Plague








Corpus Iuris Civilis 528-534    

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                             2. DIGEST/PANDECTS

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                             4. NOVELLAE