Lecture Outlines: History of the West, MWF
Week 2: The Eighteenth Century
Week 3: The French Revolution
Week 4: Napoleon; Industrial Europe
Week 5: Romanticism; Revolutions
Week 6: A Century of Ideologies
Week 7: New Visions of Freedom
Week 8: Nationalism
Week 9: Science of Nature, of Humankind
Week 10: Better Tomorrows
Week 11: Empires
Week 12: The Great War
Week 13: A Room of One's Own
Week 14: The Lost Generation
Week 15: The Apocalypse and After
Final Essay Handout
Florilegium Guide
Online Encyclopedie Project
Essay on Determining Historical Prices
Currency Converter Website
Wordsworth: Preface to Lyrical Ballads